Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And so...(after a long long time)....The Torrent of Work (a sonnet of malancholy and sloth)

How often tis' we lack to see,
  The sudden flood of overwhelming
And now "IT" has come to me,
   "WORK" its called, time its plunder.

O "WORK" why art' thou so heavy,
  That Man crumble with fear and trembling,
Because thy returns are Our survival bounty,
  It is toil and sweat, not just rambling.

"STUDY", the youth of "WORK",
  "DILIGENCE", its absolute offspring,
I finally have to hit the dirt 
  In order to get my brain running.

Memory is my want and need,
  O to have more neurons still,
Plant and grow you factual seeds,
  In my brain, you must fulfill.

So I end the sonnet here,
"WORK" is a brooding fear,
But challenging it I will NOT adhere!
  Looking forward, always, to new Cheer!

Thejaer on his poetic Acontecimientos.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Absent Without Leave. Not me, i gave myself leave for this Blog.

Life at IMU. So far. Has. Been. Eventful. So much Stuff to DO. All thanks to ORienTAtion. I. Murdered. U. Wat the heck???!! Damn lame theme. It was whispered around that this time around it wasn't planned out well. In fact we now have lectures and orientation together. Damn "MAHUAN". The last batch of M207 had it all the way without lessons for distraction. Anywho, its been fun. Didn't take part in the second icebreaker tho'. Had an early exit from the treasure hunt too. My arm popped. So now, every morning if I whenever I find myself waking up to the morning being greeted by some bloody heck pain before poppin' me ol' shoulder back into place. The bright side tho' I won't feel sleepy after that :P Yeah some consolation for waking up at 7 every morning.
just finished telematch today. Couldn't do the last game of tug o war due to my arm. But still, a lot of shouting and chanting. For my team, the cheers are damn "semangat". Even until other teams join us. "Sam-pah! Sam-pah! Sampah Sampah! Sam-paaaaa Sam-PA-ah! Sam-pah Sampah Sampah! SAMPAH!!!" *LOL* By the way, thats my teams name. For tomorrow, we've got dress code. Dunno what the heck to do! We're screwed.....

To be continued (and edited).....I hope....

Thejaer on his Acontecimientos.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something new.....again. All over again.

And so, I'm once again thrown into a new environment. This is supposedly my next stop for the next 2 and 1/2 Years. Hope I make it by then. Today was the 1st day going to IMU as a student. Nothing much, as all events were mainly the formalities and batch photography sessions. (And to Yin Fei, I was right. Most dental students WERE girls.) Finally back at my condo, all alone. The past few days, this place has been bustling with cleaning and activity, it feels so quiet now. Actually, it feels serene. I wonder how long more before it becomes actually lonely. As for now, it really doesn't bother me. I'm comfortable, literally *squashes on the sofa*. And this place is MY pad! Yeah! Well orientation will be up for the next few weeks. Having mixed feelings about that one. :S
Anyway, thats all for now.

Thejaer on his Acontecimientos.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is THURSDAY!

Normal day. 'Nuff said.

Thejaer on his acontecimientos.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Considering privacy. (Announcement)

Yep. I'm thinking of making my blog private. Feeling rather uncomfortable for some reason. Haven't decidedly confirmed yet, but yeah I am thinking about it. Any objections I'd like to hear it over the chatbox.

So readers, please give me your e-mails by whatever means. (preferably by Live Messenger) Those readers whom I already have your e-mails, I'll invite immediately. Thats all. Thanks.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Quiet Chinese New Year but Happy nevertheless. (Turkey??!!)

The heading says it all. It has been a quiet Chinese New Year 2008. Why? How should I know? Maybe its got something to do with not having my dad's family side around this year. Seems like we can't gather together as the years before since most of my cuzzins on this side are abroad with their studies. And maybe the passing of my grandmother also has something to do with it. Well, at least my mom's side is still the "sunny side". Thank God, my grandma and grandpa are still alive and kicking here! Praying that they would have many more Chinese New Years to celebrate with us. =D

Still, only my uncles came back this year besides my already present cuzzins of mine. But I'm glad their around cos' their still a riot with their wisecracks and goofy comments. And they play the PS with us! And of course, theres always that warm fuzzy feeling when all family members gather together at the main house for dinner. Moments like this are the ones worth treasuring.

On the other hand, I'm finding fireworks rather annoying this year. They are noisy as hell and irritatingly irritating *Laughs*. Especially when you are actually trying to listen to what you're saying to others and vice versa.

Anyway, theres always dinner to look forward to. I'm happy with the simple things in life. And I think theres gonna be roast turkey!? *Hahaha, well there IS roast chicken and duck so, why not turkey?* Admittedly, rather odd for Chinese New Year but the added western flair *heretical as it sounds* makes it rather interesting *And delicious too!*. Since we don't adhere to the traditions that strictly anyway, I think turkeys fine. Besides its a delicious addition, so my tummy and I have no qualms whatsoever.

Odd Combination! But its still FOOD!

Anyway, am wishing everyone a Blessed and Happy Chinese New Year as well as Regards and best wishes from this blogger. =P

Thejaer on his CNY Acontecimientos.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Decision. "I didn't make it. God did. "

Why? Cos' I'm gonna go IMU! But not for its Medicine! PMS some more! The Original Plan returns from the Grave! I'm ecstatic. I'm overwhelmed. Never in a million years would I have expected this! Fuh! This past few days have been a roller coaster ride of emotion! And all I can say for it while catching my heart's breathe is, I didn't do it, God did! Yeap. This was divine intervention, and a oceanload of grace for me.

I've nothing else to say.........I'm just so overwhelmed that I just can't write it here. You gotta talk to me either thru MSN or sms to know the whole amazing story.

Thejaer on his miraculous Acontecimientos.